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Fred Tomaselli: Current Events @ James Cohan Gallery


Artists Martin Wilner and David Kramer

Artists Theresa O'Neil and Phillip Martin

Artists Trevor and Ryan Oakes

Collectors Phil Sturges and Nancy Bedard

Fashionista Brooke Simrall and Dancer Alize Fontaine

Hair stylist Christy McCabe and Art Nerd's Lori Zimmer

The crowd at the opening

The scene at the opening

Writer Mark Hampton, artist Ian Ferguson and artist Suzanne Otwell Négre

According2g music critic Geoffrey Dicker

Art critic Paul Laster

Artist Alexandre Arrechea

Artist Brad Kahlhamer

Artist Dawn Frasch

Artist Dita Stepnova

Artist Eric White

Artist Jack Goodman

Artist Manager Heidi Follin

Artist Mark Kostabi

Artist writer Anthony Haden-Guest

Artist writer Jamie Martinez

Artists Emily Weiskopf and Aaron Johnson

Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman

Collector Nate Taylor

Collector Stephan Gittlings

Gallerist Jane Cohan

Fashion stylist Andrea Stefania Linares

Friedman Benda exhibition producer Giovanni Tarifeno

Gallerist James Cohan

James Cohan gallery director Elyse Goldberg

Master Collagist Fred Tomaselli

Mother of Pearl founder and art collector Maia Norman

Painter Christian Rex van Minnen

Painter Writer Herbert Weldon

Publisher Gail Worley

Sculptor LeRone Wilson

Volta Project coordinator Rachel Mijares Fick



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