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Flying Colors and edgy content: Carly Ivan Garcia arrives in Chelsea for his first solo show


Artist Carly Ivan Garcia setting up for his first solo show at Art Now NY in Chelsea.


By Lainya Magaña, July 2014

ArtNowNY is pleased to present Novocaine, the first NYC solo show for Carly Ivan Garcia, an internationally-exhibited, California-based painter. Self-proclaimed as a “neo-abstract expressionist,” Garcia is restless to the point of schizophrenia where it concerns composition and approach. Novocaine, an exhibition of 15 vibrant paintings, is the direct manifestation of his love for hyper movement and the beguiling figurative gesture.
Acceleration engulfs the waking world, and attempts to overcome and cope with the “everyday grind” often leave one weary, listless or numb. Garcia’s paintings both embrace and retaliate against this cycle, which is perpetuated by a society that only knows one speed: go. Drawing on the distracted energy of ADHD and influences that range from DeKooning to Gorky to Guston, it’s evident that Garcia’s fascinations lie in capitalizing on chaos as the driving force of his process as well as the focus of the final product. Coincidentally, many of the paintings exhibited were created in the aftermath and recovery from a traumatic head Strangeled Attack Garcia sustained while in Los Angeles, an event oddly representative of the frenzy his work seeks to capture and convey.

Working with oil on canvas, Garcia’s pieces evoke a sense of nomadism in addition to endless disarray, with wild color palettes that are as striking as they are fleeting.

Carly Ivan Garcia, A Geisha and Floating Cherries"Oil on canvas, 201433"x55.5"x2

Despite their seemingly adversarial nature, Garcia’s evocative, dreamlike images form an unexpected and cohesive whole, united by their ability to simultaneously stimulate and stun. The viewer, left invigorated yet diffused by the spectacle before her, is invited into a dialogue that is comforting, unsettling, and impossibly in flux. While Garcia offers no concrete answers, Novocaine re-imagines the questions of modern life as never before, spinning them in new, seductive light.

Carly Ivan Garcia "Ice", Oil on canvas, 32"x42"x2", 2014

"Bunny Hop" (Diptych), Oil on board, 25.5"x49"x2"

 There was an opening reception at ArtNowNY (548 W. 28th Street) and the show runs from July 17th through August 2nd.

About the Artist : Carly Ivan Garcia was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Northern California when he was 12 years old. Mesmerized by contemporary art and drawn to bold primitive color at a very young age. Garcia feels he was born to be an artist. The grandson of two artists, Carly Ivan Garcia has developed and evolved a true original neo-abstract expressionist art style. Garcia's language of playful imagery is translated through strong form and bold palettes of thought- provoking, dreamlike imagery.

When asked about his work, Garcia adds,"I like to challenge the boundaries of art and my own boundaries of comfort. Even today, my best work results from me pushing myself further and constantly developing and evolving my new-abstract style. My work is very personal and I wish for the viewer to develop their own individual experience with each of my pieces. I create art exhibits and shows because I want to encourage discussion and dialogue. Everyone has a different interpretation of my work. Some can find it incredibly personal and connect it to events going on in their lives. Provocative art should especially foster debate. The very nature of art is intertwined and inseparable from freedom of expression." Garcia lives and works in Marin County.

In the last five years, his work has been shown in numerous gallery solo's around California and countless group shows all over the West Coast, Miami and New York. His work has been exhibited internationally in Rome and at the Istanbul International Art Fair. It was featured in the movie Touching Home and seen on television and in mural projects with some of the best street artists of our time.

Army, Oil on canvas, 2014, 37"x72"

Novocaine, Oil on canvas, 2014, 44"x64"




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