Whitehot's 2019 Artists to Watch Part Two - Photographed by Studio J/P Robbins


ZOE BUCKMAN, living with work, Brooklyn Studio.


By WMDecember 2019

Whitehot Magazine and Studio J/P Robbins presents 2019 artists to watch. Part two in our ongoing series of portrait essays featuring creatives in their studios. See part one hereWM


TARIKU SHIFERAW with 'Blue Notes (Meek Mill),’ Bronx Studio.

AILUJ PEARL 'River Pollution' Congealed Projection, Manhattan's Herkimer Grid. Happy Holidaze Season, 2019 USA.

DEBRA RAPOPORT, Recycled & Upcycled adornment as sculpture, Studio Westbeth Manhattan.


SPENCER TUNICK at work, 'Emotional Freeway,' Ramapo Mountains & Harriman State Park.


ARGHAVAN KHOSRAVI, painting detail with nails, Elizabeth Foundation Studios Manhattan.

ALFREDO MARTINEZ, Gun works and studies, Mana Contemporary, Studio NJ.


SAYA WOOLFALK, Digital Mural Art Production Fund, Ground Zero's Oculus (interval 8m), 2019 NYC.



Studio J/P Robbins

Studio J/P Robbins is a New York based photographer. She works under this moniker to underscore how “all portraiture is made in collaboration” by way of the horizontal perspective. 

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