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The Photography Show (AIPAD) 2024 returned this year to their previous home, the grand Park Avenue Armory.

Lydia Melamed Johnson Executive Director of AIPAD The Photography Show greeting visitors at opening day. Background photograph by Alex Prager, Crowd #1 ( Stand Douglas), 2010 at Yancey Richardson Gallery. www.yanceyrichardson.com . Photo by Ruben Natal-San Miguel



The Photography Show (AIPAD) 2024 returned this year to their previous home, the grand Park Avenue Armory.

The Photography Show truly stepped up their game this year, bringing a new breath of Spring air by including new galleries. They have created a great visual atmosphere of the classics and newest trends of the photography world of today.

From the minute you step into the fair, everything was extremely polished. From the furnishings, flowers, floor arrangements, gallery placement their cafés, bars and the photographic works - all created this perfect utopia that you did not wanted to leave. You are compelled to gather, admire and socialize... After 4 long year of a pandemic, visitors were excited and there was a great sense of gathering and community.

William Klein, Antonia + Simone, Barbershop, New York (Vogue), 1961. Copyright the Estate of William Klein, Courtesy Grob Gallery

This photograph was one of my favorite ones during The Photography SHOW (AIPAD). Taken in 1961 by famed photographer William Klein for Vogue Magazine, it depicts two white female fashion models in front of a barber shop - a detail added to it was a Black barber. Being taken during the time of segregation in America, the editors at the magazine decided to crop the black man out of the photo and only use the two models for the editorial spread. This angered William Klein...

I immediately understood that he was trying to create visibility and inclusiveness but, unfortunately at that time, it was just almost impossible!

To see it now with his true vision, still speaks volumes decades later. WM


 Zanele Muholi - Jamile Boston MA, 2019, Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery


Daniel Handal


There was a lot of new discoveries! one of them was the portraiture work of Rashod Taylor
© Rashod Taylor | Courtesy jdc Fine Art

 Robert Mapplethorpe, Self portrait 1981
Bruce Silverstein Gallery

 Floris Neusüss
Anturia (Anthurium_Blu 2012)
Photogram on Ilfochrome Classic
24 x 19.5 inches (61.0 x 49.8 cm)
Signed Verso
NF 22 102


 Carolyn Marks Blackwood
Flight 1
Archival Pigment Print
20 x 35 inches (50.8 x 88.9 cm)
of 3 plus 1AP
CMB 24 77


 Stephen Shore
Lenticular Photograph


 A Great Solarized photograph by Mona Khun at Edwynn Houk Gallery


Renowned photographer Abert Watson in front of one of his portraits.


 Renowned photographer Harry Benson in front of his famed Beatles series.
Staley-Wise Gallery. . www.staileywise.com  


Dawoud Bey & Valerie Casey Oliver, curator of Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts at Elegy book signing at Aperture Foundation booth, AIPAD, NYC. www.aperture.com


There was a lot of thought and great design & development in the fair and its gallery booths.
One of my favorites was Momentum from Miami.


 The Book section at AIPAD was quite grand and there were incredible book selections.
KGP Projects by Kris Graves .

 Ryan Vizzions
A church flooded by Hurricane Florence


Mario Testino
Lady Gaga, New York for W Magazine
Holden Luntz Gallery


 JP Terlizzi in front of his photographic works at AIPAD.


 Cig Harvey
Cake & Dahlias
Cadmen, Maine 2023


 Carla Williams and her photographic work

 The VIP Room at The Photography Show 2024


 The wonderful cast & crew that put together the amazing The Photography Show 2024!
Congratulations on such a well done enterprise !!



Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Ruben Natal-San Miguel is a New York based photogrpher published internationally.

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