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 Brian Clamp- Clampart Gallery NY


Whitehot Magazine went to AIPAD The Photography Show at Pier 94 in New York City. Our photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel took these pictures of the festivities.WM

Spencer Thorockmorton - Throckmorton fine art NY

Margery Newman- AIPAD PR

John Cowey- Glitterman Gallery, NY

Camila Knowles- Rolf Art Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina

. Catherine et André Hug- Kourtney Ray (artwork) Paris , France

Stephen Bulger- Stephen Bulger Gallery

Charles Hartman - Hartman Fine Art ( Corey Arnold Artwork )

Kat Kiernan & Jefferson Hayman

Robert Mann & Caroline -Robert Mann Gallery ( Murray Fredericks Artwork and Julie Blakmoon Artwork )

Nailya Alexander Gallery

An interesting person at the fair...

Elizabeth Houston Gallery

The Elton John Pavilion

Anne Griffin @ Joe Baio Installation

Photographer Joe Baio’s Installation 

 Staley-Wise Gallery

Catherine Edelman – President of AIPAD, Catherine Edelman Gallery

Julie Saul- Julie Saul Gallery

Anna Silkman- Jackson Fine Art Gallery , Atlanta , Ga.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Tess Sol Schwab – Jenkins Johnson Gallery – San Francisco 

Kris Graves at KG Projects

Grayson Dantzic & Julie Graham @ APAG

Yancey Richardson, Yancey Richardson Gallery

Karen Marks – Howard Greenberg Gallery , NYC

Anika Dawkins – Anika Dawkins Photographic Fine Art Atlanta, Ga.

Steven Kasher & Crew -Steven Kasher Gallery NYC

Kellie McLaughlin -Aperture Foundation NYC

Steven Bulger Gallery .Toronto, Canada

Vered- Private Art Dealer

Bruce Silverstein – Bruce Silverstein Gallery NYC

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Ruben Natal-San Miguel is a New York based photogrpher published internationally.

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