June 2012: Opening of Casting Call by Katarzyna Kozyra @ Family Business

Friend and Critic Jerry Saltz

Alex & Becky Chipkin, aka The ABC Twins

Art paparazzi Michael Anderson shoots Exhibition Curator Natalie Kovacs through neon artwork

Art Critic Vanessa Saraceno and Performance_Installation Artist Pasha Radetzki

Artist CJ Nye

Artist Eric Mistretta

Artist Maurizio Cattalan and Friend

Artist with her Painting

Artist/Musician Ben G. and Artist Francesca Nieman

Artist/writer Anthony Haden-Guest

Collectors Johnnie Moore and Ashton Hawkins

Critic Jerry Saltz and artist Maurizio Cattelan

Curator Paulina Bebecka

Curators Paulina Bebecka and Natalie Kovacs

Dancers Sarah Foster and Christina Morris

DJ Ivan Sunshine Rocks the Block Party

Fanelli's restaurant owner Sasha

DJ Ivan Sunshine rocks the block party

Gallerist Ana Cristea

Gallerist Anna Kustera

Incredible block party

Interpreter Carole Zuily and Domi Laurencine from O.A.V.

Issey Miyake's Robert Von Leszcynski and Artist Erika Belle

Jerry Saltz and Maurizio Cattelan

Jerry Saltz and Maurizio Cattelan

Jerry Saltz shows suprised approval of DJ Ivan Sunshine

Miami Ink Tattoo Artist Julian Margain and his Mom

Model Virginia Pope and Collector Ignatious Chithelen

Movement Specialist Natalie Taylor and Painter Maria Kozak

Dr. John?

Painter Panni Malekzadeh and Curator Gallerist Kylie Manning

The Crowd at Family Business

The crowd at Family Business

The Crowd outside Family Business

UN Environmental Scientist Andrea Bozzetto


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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