A brand new gallery space in Greenpoint brings a creative force to local Brooklynites

David Henry Nobody Jr., Liquid Cacophony, PURPLE, 2021.

Tatyana Murray: Effervescent Reflections 

David Henry Nobody Jr.: Liquid Cacophony

11 Newel Gallery 

Through December 19, 2021

By WM, November 2021

Located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 11 Newel Gallery is the brand new creative space co-founded by Christophe Sloan and artist Tessa Krieg. Working with local emerging and mid-career artists and the new generation of NFT creatives, this 3500 square feet space is likely to become the new pole of artistic expression in East Williamsburg. 

The second iteration of the gallery exhibition, presents a duo of mid-career artists: sculptor Tatyana Murray and video art NFT artist David Henry Nobody Jr. Both based in New York for decades and although from different backgrounds, each of these artists playfully engages with hyper light and monochromatic tones confronting the general malaise of our post-traumatic pandemic world. The excessive layering in their respective bodies of work questions our relationship with our insatiable needs to over consume while reflecting upon our existential state in both the physical and digital spaces. 

Installation view: Tatyana Murray, EFFERVESCENT REFLECTIONS. Photo credit: Christophe Sloan.

Presented in the main gallery space as a survey exhibition, Tatyana Murray’s sculptural series dreamscapes are created with re-appropriated materials. The different mediums are essential due to the way they react with light. In her works, bulbous organic shapes meet galactic influences. A new illusion of depth and layering is created. There is tenderness in her work, full of hope, celebrating life. Finding beauty between chaos and softness, Tatyana’s works bring textures and movement in a refined balance. In her meditative process, Tatyana repeats pattern making in geometric and circular shapes, exploring her universes in which feminine forms continuously collapse and rearrange themselves.

In the project room, David Henry Nobody Jr. is showcasing a new series of video art and NFT titled “Liquid Cacophony”. Each video acts as a tableau focused on colors, purple, blue, red, green, orange and yellows. The action of the paint splash transforms each character into the unrecognisable, revealing the emotional thus orchestrating a cacophony of nonsense, lost in the digital illusions created by the fabric of our society. David’s performance and video works are inspired by myriads of characters stemming from an anthology of references from popular culture, memories and personal emotions. For the past thirty years, David has been creating “Art” similar to the Fluxus movement, with notions of disillusionment of the elitist attitude of society stirring critical commentary on the politics of capitalist consumerism. Shocking and disturbing is obviously his genre, much like Francis Bacon, Paul Mcarthy and Otto Dix. David’s NFT collection series is available on Foundation. WM


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