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MCA Chicago's ‘Riot Grrrls’ brings art girls to the forefront

Judy Ledgerwood, Sailors See Green, 2013, Nathan Keay, Courtesy MCA

Jan. 2017, by WM Staff, text by courtesy of the Chicago Reader

"Riot Grrrls," a collection of work by eight female abstract painters, was curated in direct response to art's continuing gender gap. According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, only 28 percent of museums featured solo exhibitions by women during the 2000s, even though 51 percent of all working visual artists are female. Activist group the Guerrilla Girls' traveling exhibition reports that less than 5 percent of the material featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Modern section was created by women (they are, however, the subject of 85 percent of the nudes). And according to ArtNews, only one female artist was included in the top 100 art auction sales of 2015.

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