BERLIN, You Can Never Go Home Again, Joint Custody Project: Berlin, Reception June 27, 2008


Joint Custody Project Berlin Theme: You Can Never Go Home Again

This Friday, join us at Raab Galerie [map] from 7-9pm for a night of surprises, introductions, and experimentation in West Berlin as we celebrate the opening of the month-long saga of the Joint Custody Project Berlin. The evening becomes a West-meets-East migration as the celebration continues late into the night at 103 Club [Kreuzberg - map], hosted by Discos Capablanca.

The Joint Custody Project landed in Berlin on the 1st of June 24 artists from all mediums were selected by curators Jonny Coleman and Chris Cruse, and paired off into 12 teams. Each team was tasked to create a cohesive piece of art -- without exchanging a single word. All the artists were given the same theme -- "You Can Never Go Home Again" -- to think about as they developed their pieces.

Each artist worked, back and forth, on the piece over the last four weeks without any verbal communication or knowledge of his/her partner's identity. Many tears were shed; much joy was shared. These pieces are more than end-products -- they are stories.

Join us on Friday for the exciting conclusion of the pieces, as they are revealed at the Raab Galerie. As an added treat, this will be the first time the artists will have the opportunity to meet. Come have a drink with us, enjoy the provocative art, participate in what will no doubt be the most exciting night of this project -- then stay out late with us.

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