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Highlights from MoCADA's benefit auction at Bar Nana

The atmosphere at MoCADA's benefit auction (All photos by Robert Adam Mayer)

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) is Brooklyn's premiere cultural institution for contemporary visual art relating to the African diaspora. Last Tuesday night, they celebrated their second benefit art auction. Here are some highlights.  

 Left to right: April Hunt and Jasmine Wahi

Bahiyah Robinson, Steve Sallion, Uminid Francis

On the left: MoCADA Board Member Umindi Franis

Cat Miles and Joakim Von Ditmar

MoCADA Board Member Gbenga Akinnagbe 

Jasmine-Wahi, Rebecca Pauline Jampol, and a guest

Tiasia O'Brien and Dexter-Wimberly 

Tresell Davis, Charles-Harbison, Liam-van-Loenen, Ayesha Williams



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