WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Banksy Unmasked: Real Photos of Banksy


By WM JAN. 9, 2015


Now for the first time Banksy unmasked! A source close to the elusive street artist Banksy has authenticated the following photos. After several years of deliberation artist Noah Becker, publisher of Whitehot Magazine has obtained these photos from a secret source.

After many questions we can in fact confirm that the following photos are authentic images of Banksy. WM

Banksy in his studio in the 1990s, images courtesy of Whitehot Magazine 

Banksy walking down the sidewalk, image courtesy of Whitehot Magazine

Banksy (in pink wig) talking to police, image courtesy of Whitehot Magazine

Banksy in profile studying his work, image courtesy of Whitehot Magazine 





Whitehot writes about the best art in the world - founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. 


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