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Whitehot Recommends: Torkwase Dyson: Bird and Lava at 'T' Space

Torkwase Dyson, 2023, T Space Rhinebeck. Force Multiplier #1 and Umoja (Bird and Lava). (c) Susan Wides.

Torkwase Dyson: Bird and Lava

'T' Space

June 4 through July 9, 2023 

By WM, June 2023 

From the press release: 

’T’ Space is pleased to present Bird and Lava, an installation by Torkwase Dyson. The installation is composed of large-scale sculptural forms and drawings and will run from June 4 - July 9 at ‘T’ Space Rhinebeck.

Consisting of two site specific objects that toggle between painting and sculpture, the installation at ‘T’ Space is an expression of systems, structures, enclosures, and throughways evoking themes of containment and expansion. Shifts in scale take the audience on a journey from the intimacy of the artist’s hand, to industrial conditions of seriality, onto the immeasurable or the improvisational. WM



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