Anthony Haden-Guest's Found Cartoon Sculpture Debuts at Spring Break Art Show


Spring Break Art Show

By ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST September, 2021

The baroquely shattered white-painted wood chair was in Paul Fisher’s front yard in West Palm Beach. I was staying with him last November while I had some cartoons up in a show at his gallery in the Flamingo Building, but kept focusing at the chair, and finally begged some pieces from him before my return to New York. Fisher shortly closed his gallery after a thirty year run, and sold the Flamingo, which he owned. He now works with the Danieli Gallery on Worth and puts on shows at the exhibition space in the Brazilian Court on Australian Avenue.

And the busted chair? It’s this week’s cartoon.

Found Art has a short, rich history but I do believe this is the first piece of work to have been designated as a Found Cartoon. Physically it’s now at the Spring Break Art Fair, part of The Dark Side of the Earth, a show I put together in space 1144 which presents work by Mike Cockrill, Linus Coraggio, Ana Garces Kiley and Piers Secunda, plus some of my cartoonery. And the chair may be the first Found Cartoon but it absolutely won’t be the last. WM


Anthony Haden-Guest


Anthony Haden-Guest (born 2 February 1937) is a British writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, poet, and socialite who lives in New York City and London. He is a frequent contributor to major magazines and has had several books published including TRUE COLORS: The Real Life of the Art World and The Last Party, Studio 54, Disco and the Culture of the Night.




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