Whitehot Recommends: Re: Growth, A Public Art Exhibition at Riverside Park

Valerie Hegarty, Fresh Start, 2021 Image: George de Castro-Day.

Re: Growth, A Public Art Exhibition

Produced by the Riverside Park Conservancy

Curated by Karin Bravin

June 5 through September 13, 2021 

By WM, July 2021

From the press release:  

The exhibition includes 16 site-specific installations and an additional ten flag and banner projects. Artists Include: Blanka Amezkua, Vanessa Albury, Lee Boroson, Dahlia Elsayed,Mark Joshua Epstein,Rico Gatson, DeWitt Godfrey, Joshua Goode, Valerie Hegarty, Wennie Huang, Beth Krebs, Sadie Laska, Niki Lederer, Wendy Letven, LoVid, Mary Mattingly, Joiri Minaya, Sui Park, Shuli Sadé, David Shaw, Jean Shin, Glen Wilson, Letha Wilson, Woolpunk. WM



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