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Whitehot Recommends: Sylvie Fleury: Just Jacuzzi at Company Gallery

Installation view, Sylvie Fleury, Just Jacuzzi at Company Gallery.

By WM February 14, 2024

From the press release:

“Just Jacuzzi” is an exhibition of sculpture, painting and video focused around two installations. Spanning the length and width of the upstairs gallery is an architectonic catwalk, set against a mandala-like mural and encircled by twenty-three square paintings of varying size. Reenacting Jackson Pollock’s tortured explorations of the inner self, Fleury painted the canvases on the floor, interweaving sinuous filaments of gold and silver over the course of one single painting session. Each is accessorized with a braided chain handle and in a private runway show, prior to the exhibition opening to the public, carried down the runway under the arm of a model to be hung nonchalantly on a single screw. The installation is a restaging of the same performance that took place in Paris in 2008 at Thaddeus Ropac Gallery. Counter to the fashion industry’s commandments
of radical evolution and individual expression, the models are all styled in the same matching outfits. The paintings are near-identical to those made 15 years ago. The one-off event of the runway show is made into a ritual. WM



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