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BBAM! Gallery in Montréal stands up for women’s voices in the arts and in society

Deming King Harriman, Medium.

She-BBAM! Salon

BBAM Gallery 

Through February 4th, 2022

By WM, December 2021

In reaction to recent global brutalities on women’s bodies in such events in Afghanistan with female apartheid, the record number of Femicides in Quebec and the resurgence of anti-abortion movements in the USA, a hybrid gallery in the Quartier Sud-Ouest of Montréal is presenting an all female group show titled “She-BBAM! Salon”. Showcasing an array of artworks and practices, BBAM! Gallery’s co-founder Alison Rogers curated this exhibition as a passionate cultural developer and as a means to help raise funds for non-profit organizations in aid of women’s rights: Too Young to Wed and S.O.S Violence Conjugale. 

Alison Rogers says: “Collectively in Quebec, we are experiencing a year with a record number of femicides. Women at home and around the world continue to suffer. Through social media, we are exposed to an overwhelming deluge of images and thoughts. The online world that once promised to bring us together now seems to drive us apart. It’s easy to look around and feel the problems of the world are insurmountable and unchangeable. Rather than motivate action, we’re immobilized and isolated. That’s why we’ve decided to launch the "She-BBAM! Salon", a group exhibition in support of women’s rights. Showcasing a diverse and exciting group of artists, we are committed to standing against hate and violence to make a difference.”

Carylann Loeppky, Garden.

As a community builder Alison has drawn together feminist artists and collectors who want to contribute in concrete ways and examine these issues with particular attention to women’s organizations. For BBAM! Gallery, art and activism remains at the core of its mission and at the heart of its community. The exhibition features works by artists, Anastasia Tiller, Belinda Lye, Carylann Loeppky, Coco Dolle, Deming King Harriman, Donia, Ewa Scheer, Jessica Gaves, Kamille Yergeau, Keight Maclean, Kristyna Baradinskas, Lana Filippone, Layla Folkmann, Lyne Marquis, Notre Dame de Saint Minou, Stephanie Azran, and Zofia Bogusz. WM



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