German Artist Gerhard Richter Permanently Blurred

 Scientists and art world experts are trying to figure out why German artist Gerhard Richter is permanenty blurred. 


SEPT. 2017, GERMANY - A mysterious accident near his studio has left German artist Gerhard Richter permanently blurred. Art world experts from around the world had a moment of silence to commemorate the formerly in-focus Richter. 

Richter, best known for his paintings of family and friends, colorful abstractions and moments in history, has been in-focus for most of his life. He was recently quoted as saying, “Every country has problems with this huge wave of immigration.” It was shortly after these comments that Richter began to blur and continued blurring.

Artist Georg Baselitz said something about Richter being better than any women artist but was unavailble for a quote. 

We’ll keep you posted on future developments in this story. WM



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