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OAKLAND, Fort Gallery presents Artcycle, June 6 -27, 2008


June 6th - 27th, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday June 6th, 2006 6-9pm
gallery hours by appointment

We all have at least a dozen good reasons in our heads to reuse everyday. However, with more and more of our land being turned over as dumping grounds for our human consumption, we cannot afford to be continuously buying new materials to create from. Fort is pleased to present a group exhibit of artwork that is completely recycled.

Antonia Viteri, Nathaniel Crane, Rob Racine, Lori Lockhart, Brendan Kelley, Alicia Escott, Hannah Wade, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Steven Allen, Kara Nelson, Lavonne Sallee, Bobby Brinton, Jennifer Burgos, Ranu Mukherjee, Mike Maurillo

Fort Gallery
3421 Hollis St. at 34th St.
Oakland, CA

Below are multi-media performances that will accompany the exhibit. Please come by and check out these talented artists who will be coming from all over the world to perform this month.

June 8th:
Music and BBQ!
The Sarees
Dame Satan
Jeffrey Manson
Family Trea
doors at 2pm

June 10th:
"I Want To Do This All Day"
a multimedia performance project by a group from Olympia, WA incorporating dance, song, and projections, bringing to life the stories of young people making their own paths in learning and life
doors at 8pm

June 12th:
French Quarter
Pope of Yes!
Squeeky Rice
Tall Grass
doors at 8pm

June 21st:
Music and BBQ!
Vox Jaguars
Tempo No Tempo
Sleepy Sun
Match Castashadow
Brittain Ashford
doors at 2pm



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