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LONG BEACH, DDR Projects Art Gallery presents John Bell


DDR Projects

1532 East Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802   

Phone/Fax: 562-590-9030

Contact: John Geldbach - john@ddrprojects.com


“Survey” the work of JOHN BELL at DDR Projects Art Gallery, June 7th - July 5th

Long Beach, CA, May 12, 2008 — DDR Projects is proud to present the West Coast debut of Utah based artist John Bell to the gallery showcasing his prolific and multifaceted fine art. The show opens June 7th, 2008 at 7:00 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

John Bell’s “Survey” highlights a diverse cross section of his work and thinking process. Being a very prolific and multidisciplinary artist, Bell is interested in exploring many different means of creative expression. Painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, architecture and writing have all found their way into his work. 

In “Survey” there are a several series of original giclee prints (conceived specifically to explore the medium) using his photographs to create abstract works and what he likes to refer to as “modern collages.” The abstract works are contained in acrylic boxes that serve not only as a frame, but a continuation of his exploration of architectural space and dimensionality with his paintings. The “Election” series are intricately layered collages, which are composites of photographs (converted into graphics & boldly re-colored) that Bell took in Paris of graffiti covered French presidential election posters, billboards & street signs.

This exhibition also conveys his interest in writing, featuring an installation of hundreds of mini-prints titled “Portraits of Everything”, which juxtaposes a single line drawing of a repeated blank face, the “every face” against text taken from a quote, or a name, fragmented phrases from magazine and newspaper articles, a piece or part of a conversation, random thoughts and observations and original writings. The face subverts the words while the words lend expression to the face. They are about distilling things down, playing with words until the meanings become possibilities, where new definitions and narratives are created through endless juxtapositions including that which the viewer brings into the mix.

The paintings in “Survey” are from several different bodies of work. They illustrate the artist’s interest in combining elements of abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, pop art, music, theater, modern sculpture, and the ideas and philosophies about space addressed in modern architecture.


“Working in multi-disciplines, I discovered that while they seemed to be parallel pursuits, they informed and influenced one another in many ways. “Eventually reaching a point where the lines blurred and they started to become one”, explains Bell. “I like to think of this as the inconvertible nature of artistic expression, which is as vast and full of possibility as we are individual”. In the future I will continue to explore and add to these pursuits, creatively investigating wherever my interests take me.”


From time to time, the artist feels it important to take a step back to survey and assess his work. To reflect on where he’s been, how he’s arrived, and most importantly, where he is headed. This show is representational of those times.


John Bell’s work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including a solo exhibition and mural commission at Time Warner Center in New York City in 2005 and 2006. His work has been featured in a cover story for Utah Style & Design, Fox 13 News Utah, and Arkade Magazine. He has received acknowledgements and reviews in Artists of Utah15 Bytes ezine publication, Salt Lake City Weekly, Catalyst, In Utah this week, NY Art world, Artnet and Blackbook magazine. Bell is also an award winning graphic designer & photographer. He received a degree in visual communication from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Artist’s website – www.artistjohnbell.com


For additional information, please contact: John Geldbach at DDR Projects. (562) 590-9030 or via



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