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Anthony Haden-Guest Hospitalized

 Whitehot Magazine contributor Anthony Haden-Guest hospitalized after an accident in New York City, photo by Michael Anderson for Whitehot Magazine

Via Artnet News:

On the morning of October 12, artnet News contributor Anthony Haden-Guest had an ugly accident. He was walking with the speed with which those who know him are familiar when it occurred.

“I had a loaded shoulder bag,” Haden-Guest said in a phone call with artnet News from Bellevue Hospital. He sounded chipper. “It snagged on some scaffolding. I was whiplashed in a circle and hit a metal something or other with my back.” A passerby called an ambulance. Haden-Guest was diagnosed with four broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He had an operation on October 13. 

link to full article: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/get-well-soon-anthony-haden-guest-703355



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