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Milton Gendel’s archive offers an acute vision of 20th-century Rome—from a distinctly American perspective

A portrait of Milton Gendel (1950) (Josephine Powell).

Via WESLEY YUEN, November 2022

The New York–born critic and photographer Milton Gendel (1918–2018) lived in Rome for the last 70 years of his life, a quiet man observing the international swirl of artists, writers, aristocrats, and socialites of which he was himself a part—not to mention the ordinary hubbub of Roman life. Gendel died in 2018, not long before his 100th birthday. He would always say, of his seven decades in Rome, that he was “just passing through,” but his various homes in the city became a hub for figures including Antonia Fraser and Iris Origo to Princess Margaret and the collector Mimi Pecci Blunt. 

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