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April 2012: Ai Kijima @ Franklin Parrasch Gallery

Ai Kijima's work

Actress Suzanne Fletcher and Artist Linda Griggs

Ai Kijima shows off her Excellent Technique

Artist Ai Kijima

Artist Brian Fekete

Artistis Brittany Gray  and Erika Huard

Artist Marie Nyquist

Artists Chong Gon Byur and Kiya Kim

Artists Daniel Morowitz, Marie Nyquist and James Falciano

Artists Masanao Hirayama and Kei Morita

Artists Soojin Seeyle and Ai Kijima

Artist Sylvia Nagy

Collector Jacqueline Griffith

Cooper Union Artists Odessa Straub, Torey Thornton, Diana Lozano and Lukas Mary

Critic Jerry Saltz and Artist Ai Kijima

Critics Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz talk with Gallerist Franklin Parrasch about the art

Curator Claire Breukel Painter Noah Becker and Wet Heat Producer Grela Orihuela

Designer Barbara Tolentino and Art Preservationist Gedas Mockus

Franklin Parrasch Gallery (exterior)

Gallerist Franklin Parrasch and Artist Ai Kijima

Gallerists Carmine de Sana and Kathleen Cullen

Infamous Art Critic Jerry Saltz

Nielsen Event Manager Moneer Masih-Tehrani and Writer Jessica Gordon

New York Times art critic Roberta Smith

One of Ai Kijima's Tapestry

Photographer Abraham Freeman

Photographer Brian McKee and Artist Ai Kijima

Rene Riccardo

More moments from Ai Kijima's opening

Opening of Ai Kijima

The crowd at Ai Kijima's opening

Artists Paul Laster and Noah Becker hash it out at Ai Kijima's opening


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