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Photos: Gitler &______ Gallery - Kristian Glynn - And Again Another Crippling Love Story

  Architect Clay Coffey

Art God Noah Becker with Miriam Cabesas

Artist Boy Kong

Artist Iliyan Ivanov, Equinox Creative Director Elizabeth Nolan and Collector Will Thaxton

Artist Kristian Glynn and Gallerist Avi Gitler

Artists Jason Covert and Nicole Defino with Ophelia

Artist Zin Helena Song

Documentary Filmmaker Marc Tannen and Collector Michael Rabinowitz

Investor Jaime Gitler and Collector Dana Cohn

Journalist Martin Fletcher and Artist Hagar Fletcher

Logisical Mastermind for Chinatown Soup Julia Blewitt

OF THE Publisher Leighana Waight

The Butcher's Daughter Gallerist Monica Bowman and Painter/Curator Dick Goody



Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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