October 2013: Brian Adam Douglas @ Andrew Edlin Gallery

 Brian Adam Douglas, How To Disappear Completely, Andrew Edlin Gallery

Brian Adam Douglas: How to Disappear Completely
Andrew Edlin Gallery
Photographs by Michael Anderson

Collage Artist Brian Adam Douglas

Producer Emily Christensen

Artist Matt Trumino

Artist Lucy Pullen

Actor/Producer Margi Douglas

Artist Tom Sanford

Artist Eric Foss and Friend

Brian Adam Douglas, How To Disappear Completely, Andrew Edlin Gallery

Artist Jim Saylor

Curator Cara Zimmerman

Galleris Andrew Edlin

Graphic Designer Laurie Douglas and Tim Purus

Jahman B. Godden and Reenah Golden

Lawyer/Collector Gaelyn Sharp

Painter Victoria Hristoff

Photographer Petros Poulopoulos

Manager, Location 1980 Art Space, Brett Douglas, Artist and Gallerist Jesse Fortune and Friend

Proud Parents of the artist, Brian Adam Douglas

Artist Alfred Steiner

Brian Adam Douglas, How to Disappear Completely, Andrew Edlin Gallery





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