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The Last party. Not! at ACME


Vincent Fremont and Michael McKenzie

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The Last party. Not! at ACME, New York, NY
currently on view until Aug. 23, WhiteBox 


Stephen Sprouse’s wake was in the early Noughties in a design studio in the Starrett Lehigh building, 601 West 26th Street. The designer had a flock of friends. Tama Janowitz spoke. A tape was played showing him japing around with Debbie Harry. Arthur Weinstein was there with his wife, Colleen - an urban dandy, with a bouffant stiff enough to scrub a floor. Arthur, who was one of the most remarkable figures in what had until not so long before been a remarkable night world, mentioned that the building we were in, wasn’t just the place that housed the high-gloss likes of Martha Stewart and Hugo Boss. “It’s the building my partner, Victor Malinsky was killed in front of.” he said.
“I know that story, Arthur” I said. I thought I had it covered in my book The Last Party. I was wrong. Why hadn’t he told me the whole thing before? “I was scared,” he said. Spoken deadpan. But he meant it. WM

Crocheted Olek

Emerald Fitzgerald with Anthony Haden-Guest

Penny Arcade




Anthony Haden-Guest


Anthony Haden-Guest (born 2 February 1937) is a British writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, poet, and socialite who lives in New York City and London. He is a frequent contributor to major magazines and has had several books published including TRUE COLORS: The Real Life of the Art World and The Last Party, Studio 54, Disco and the Culture of the Night.




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