Bsides at the 50/50 Victoria BC, Canada

Art Opening

B Sides.

A satellite exhibition in conjunction with workbench - Open Space's group show of local emerging artists.
Featuring the work of:

Leela Ford
Neah Kelly
Chantal Musgrove
Azin Seraj
Cathleen Thom

Opening Friday, July 13th. 7:30 - 9:00 pm.

Please note the b sides opening at the  fifty fifty is bookended by additional off-site July 13th openings for the workbench project. The mini art crawl begins at 6:00pm at The Ministry of Casual Living and carries through to Open Space at 9:00pm.

Full workbench programming schedule at:

call for musicians

Rock Lottery Wants You!

Saturday, August 4. 12pm - 12 am.

The Concept: Twenty-five carefully selected musicians meet in the A.M at the arts space. They are a cross-section of the music community with divergent levels of musicianship and experience. The musicians are organized into four or five bands through a lottery-based chance selection. The bands depart to different pre scheduled practice spaces and are given 8-10 hours to create a twenty minute set of original music (with a one cover-song limit). Each band is asked to create a unified sound while still maintaining the individual styles of the members. At 10:00 P.M.,the bands commence at Logan's pub and perform their songs in front of a waiting audience. friendly fun!

Interested musicians should email

Please include your instruments of choice and band affiliations. All genders welcome.

call for volunteers

The fifty fifty is seeking dependable volunteers who can help out with gallery sitting, the odd administration task and placing energy into off site programming. Interested folks should contact The Fifty Fifty at:


The fifty fifty is presently accepting submissions for gallery shows. To apply, you must submit a small portfolio consisting of 5 or more samples of your work and an artist statement providing a context for your show.� sumbission and support material should be emailed to:

the fifty fifty is located at 2516 Douglas St. (at Bay)

the fifty fifty web site is updated regularly



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