May 2007, WM issue #3: Vincent Lamouroux's Clust

May 2007, WM issue #3: Vincent Lamouroux's Clust
Vincent Lamouroux,Clust, installation view photo: Benjamin Pezzillo

If photography means 'painting with light' then Vincent Lamouroux's "Clust" is a photograph, an impressive feat for a sculpture.




“Clust”, a recent sculpture installation at Gallery 727 on the southern end of Gallery Row, resists order but reveals the precision in a forced molecular structure inherent in the most chaotic. So how does a sculptor from France end up showing in

Los Angeles ' most cutting edge art scene? Good question. The press release cites cultural exchange programs and an interesting Los Angeles group called Art2102 which angel funds projects like bringing a sculptor to the other side of the planet to install a piece in a space in a place where it's sure to get noticed even by a Smog-induced Angeleno walking his dog. Lamouroux is included in Airs de Paris showing through August 15 at Centre Pompidou.




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Benjamin Pezzillo

Benjamin Pezzillo is a photographer and occasional magazine writer living in Los Angeles.

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