May 2007, WM issue #3: Eva Rothschild @ 303 Gallery

May 2007, WM issue #3: Eva Rothschild @ 303 Gallery
Eva Rothschild, installation view, 303 gallery, images copyright 303 Gallery, New York

Eva Rothschild's first solo show in New York at 303 Gallery presents us with several new sculptures and wall pieces.The exhibit is reminiscent of the Minimalist Era where objects were stripped down to their elemental, geometrical forms creating an impersonal relevance. Famous artists from the Minimalist Era are by Donald Judd, Sol Le Witt, and Frank Stella. Eva Rothschild creates sculptures of typical geometric objects like triangles, hexagons, and circles but adds to them by threading a cross hatch of braided leather over these circles and squares.


Rothschild's work feels manufactured and imported into the space of
303 Gallery.  Some of the sculptures are produced from aluminum which
is covered with a snake-like formation of leather overlaying on this
square object.  The leather so perfectly stitched on these aluminum
pieces seems manufactured as well.  The use of leather gives a sense
of  fetish or tribal feel, as it is wrapped around objects, protruding
from the objects, and seen in wrapped cylindrical pieces that are
commonly displayed the same way as in whips.

"White Wedding" is a circular hoop shape with thin pieces of
white leather that start off smaller from both ends of the hoop and
drape to the floor in the center of the hoop.  This piece is similar
to a dream catcher but with an open hoop in the center. This opening
relays thoughts of new beginnings and possibilities of advancement
and connection. In a two dimensional wall piece "The Back of Your
Head", Rothschild weaves paper using colors of black and fluorescent
green and yellow on a circular formation that cuts two photos and weaves
them together. "The Back of Your Head" however creates two hand formations
out of the fluorescent green that creates the illusion that they are touching
the fluorescent yellow color that forms as the back of someone's head.

The sculptural piece "All for You", appears quite differently from
the other pieces in this exhibit.  The sculpture is of two connecting
parts.  The base of "All For You" is a black formation that almost
looks like that of a rotten apple covered with black mosaic tiles.
This formation is unlike all the others in that it appears lumpy not
rigid, exact, or straight and has an antenna- like probe connecting
off of it that starts with one probe, stick like object and relays to
two connecting pieces that connect to two points on the floor.

Eva Rothschild
April 14 - May 26 2007
303 Gallery
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