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July 2013: Summer Reading @ the Hole Gallery

Megan Garwood and Jennifer Lawrence

Vogue digital artist Dylan Boelte

The scene outside the Hole

the scene inside the Hole

Installation view, the Hole Gallery, New York, NY

The opening of 'Summer Reading" at the Hole

The Hole director Kathy Grayson

Sculptor Long Bin Chen

Pretty girls at the opening

Pretty artists at the opening party

Photographer Sunny Shobrae and vintage buyer Hally Erickson

Artist Erik White

'Of The' publisher Leighana Waight and musician Ella Joyce Buckley

Musician Than Kuniluu

Artist Heidi Klum with Art Nerd NY's Lori Zimmer

Designer Jennifer Esposito with artist Coby Kennedy

Custom motorcycle builder Keino

Artist/writer Jason Stopa

Artists NEON and artist Kembra Pfahler

Artists Caitlin Cherry and Nina Chanel Abney

Artist Rosalie Knox

Artist John Copeland, singer Joan Smith and artist Dan White

Artist Erik Foss

Artist Don Pablo Pedro

Artist Devin Troy Strother

Artist Brian Belott





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