eighteen-thirty and tuesday night present: L'ECLISSE (The Eclipse) a film by MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI 1962 / 125 mins. / black and white

"L'eclisse (The Eclipse) is the most perfectly achieved and the most aesthetically daring of Antonioni's black-and-white 'trilogy' of the early 60s. The last film in the trilogy (which also includes L'avventura and La notte) L'eclisse is distinguished for its subtlety and variety of mood, and for the artistry of its images. A relationship breaks up, a new one forms and dissolves in its turn. But, as so often with Antonioni, it is not so much the action that counts as the events and non-events with which it is interspersed.

The narrative centre of L'eclisse is the love affair between the mercurial Vittoria (Monica Vitti) and the restlessly extrovert Piero (Alain Delon). They are not natural soul mates, they are not even matching opposites. So it is not surprising if their affair appears to have no future. What is surprising, however, is how much the film succeeds in conjuring up outside the narrative: the mindless frenzy of the Stock Exchange with prices in free fall; the utter peace of Vittoria's trip to a small provincial airport; the passage of time while the camera waits at a rendezvous for which the lovers never turn up... L'eclisse is worth seeing for these sequences alone."
DOORS OPEN AT 8:30 / FILM BEGINS AT 9 P.M. (sunset)

Screening will be shown on the roof top of eighteen-thirty overlooking downtown and echo park. Please make sure to bring blankets, sweaters, pillows, etc to make yourself comfortable and warm. It can get pretty chilly at night.

ENTRANCE = 3 $ (beer & wine 2 $)


-Eighteen-Thirty is located at the 1830 Offices on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park. It functions as an experimental performance space for artists, an advocate for accessible and public art, and a gathering place for diverse and inspired minds-


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