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Links: Critic Walter Robinson on 9/11 Art and Moving Past Schmaltz

Philip-Lorca di Corcia’s Head #10. Image courtesy of Museum of Modern Art 


Link Via Observer Arts, original article by Walter Robinson

Earlier this month, New York quietly marked the 14th anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center, and as that epochal event fades into history–how curious it is that 9/11 marked the first year of the 21st century—so too does the immediacy of the trauma.

Almost instantly the disaster was translated into art, that is to say, into soapy cliché, via Oliver Stone’s 2006 World Trade Center, for instance, and “literary fiction” by a whole roster of popular authors (Jonathan Safran Foer, Jay McInerney, Don DeLillo and so many more that “The Daily Beast” regularly invites writers to compile listicles about the subgenre). -  Click for full article in Observer Arts



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