Tom Sanford and gallerist John Lee

Artist Carla Gannis

Artist Dawn Fransch

Artist Jeremy Willis

Artist and football fan Joe Heaps Nelson

Peek Creator Amol Sarva

Artist Jonathan Allen

The crowd at Bravin Lee

Artist Noah Becker

Guest with artist Michael Scoggins and friend

Guest at the opening

Artist Paul Brainard

Artist Ryan Schneider

Artists Daniel Heidkamp and William Powhida

Artist Rebecca Goyette, Tom Sanford and Francesca Neiman

Artist/curator Guillermo Creus

Che Cathay, dog friend and artist Eric Doeringer

Collector Alex McKinnis and Susan Conway

Crowd at Bravin Lee

Peek Creator Amol Sarva and friend

Creative director Orlando Arocena and illustrator Marina Arocena with curator Keith Schweitzer

Curator Dr. Hyewon Yi

Art ambassador Mie Iwatsuki

Artist Natalie Frank

Dr with actress Mollie Kelly

Guests at Bravin Lee

Guests at Bravin Lee

Friend and artist Kristin Schiele

Guest at Bravin Lee

Guest at Bravin Lee

Friend and artist Graham Preston

Guests at Bravin Lee

Guests at Bravin Lee

Photographer Joel Sheakowski

Singer/songwriter Arama Mara

Singer/songwriter Arama Mara with lawyer Alex Larrieux

Crowd at Bravin Lee

Artist Tom Sanford, Alex and Simon Sanford (before his birth)

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