April 2014

February 2014: NY STUDIO VISIT: Frank Webster by Noah Becker - New York

February 2014: Kimberly Brooks: I Notice People Disappear by Daniel Maidman - New York

Kimberly Brooks participates in this aspect of art, finding consolation for the grievous transience of life in the greatness of heart that comprehends everything that has passed before the eye. This comprehension is a kind of embrace, a testimony and act of love; it lasts as long as wakefulness and paint persist.   read more...

FROM THE VAULTS: July 2008, Interview with Walton Ford by Ajay Kurian - New York

With this particular piece. I never heard the story of the Dürer rhino before this. It was a gift, the Portuguese got the rhino, sent it to Goa, sent it up to Lisbon. In Lisbon somebody did a drawing of it. Then it was to be given to the Pope as a gift and on its way to the Pope, the boat sank in the Mediterranean with the rhino on board.   read more...

FROM THE VAULTS: Interview with New York legend LA II by Kofi Fosu Forson - New York

January 2014: Amir H. Fallah at The Third Line by Paul Laster - New York

FROM THE VAULTS: June 2008, Adam Stennett in conversation with Will Cotton - New York

January 2014: NY STUDIO VISIT: Nicole Nadeau by Noah Becker - New York

January 2014: Eric White: All Of This Has Not Occurred @ Martha Otero by Shana Nys Dambrot - Los Angeles

January 2014: FILM REVIEW: The Remaking of the Rijksmuseum by Paul Laster - New York

December 2013: GUGLIELMO ACHILLE CAVELLINI by Mark Bloch - New York